Automatic Inventory & Object Recognition

Artificial intelligence solutions for the retail and industries


We help to retailers to improve the replenishment of products on shelves

Online Store

We prevent deliveries from not finding the requested products on the shelves.


We do the labeling by assigning identifiers to all the products that the customer has.


Our system performs an automatic inventory of all products located on shelves every 5 minutes.

Our Services

Product Labelling

Product labelling for training on our artificial intelligence recognition platform at Google Colab

Training AI

We perform product recognition training as objects periodically as well as customization for changes of location on the shelves with Artificial Intelligence

Web Platform Inventory

We deliver the results via web of the count of products located on the shelves by connecting to the cameras available to the customer in the store.

Our Automatic Inventory solution with Artificial Intelligence has the following absolute advantages:

  • Keep Stock Updated
  • Avoid Product Leakage
  • Inventory of all existing products every 5 min
  • Cloud or on-premise solution
  • High level of security – Antihacking
  • Integration with third parts frontends

“The solution of Automatic Inventario with artificial intelligence helped us to keep constantly the products available on the shelves and we increased the sells making happy to our providers.”

Wade Warren

Why Choose Us


Our team always are motivated and love to improve our technology testing new solutions to provide what exactly want our clients.


We have the best team of artificial engineers, multicultural and with a huge experience working in projects around the world.


We provide support 24/7 in different languages and different times zones. The world is not limit to help to our partner and final costumers.

Get the best Automatic Inventory Platform with Artificial Intelligence!

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